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Sita is a young, beautiful and smart girl. She is a promising student. But at one point of time, she is forced to marry her boss, Karthik, against her wishes. However, one day, a person comes in with a wrong name. That person is Singamuthu, a very handsome, tall, smart and handsome man. Sita fails to recognize him. So she denies that person as a stranger and so her life is destroyed. Old And New Vivek’s mother is struggling financially. She can’t buy the medicine that is needed for her husband’s condition and that too on time. So she sends him to the shop to buy medicine for her. But Vivek doesn’t understand what he is talking. So he asks his mother about the phone number of the doctor. Then he calls the doctor on his phone and asks about the medicines. The doctor also tells him that the medicine would be delivered in the evening. However, Vivek is very stubborn. He doesn’t want to listen to anyone. He doesn’t have any money to buy the medicines. However, the medicines can be bought using credit. So he gets a credit card and borrows the money from a loan shark. Later, the medicine is delivered to him by a middle-aged person. After returning home, he doesn’t understand that why he was called. He takes out the medicine and studies it. He also asks why he was called by such an old person. He goes to meet the man and asks who he was. The man tells him that he is a boy and that he gave him the medicine. He also tells him that he has a wife. And that his wife will come and take the medicine. After this, Vivek is called by a girl’s name. He says that he doesn’t know her and he is very honest. Then he is forced to call his mother and say that he got his medicines and had fun in his life. T. V. Chandran is making his debut in the Tamil cinema. He also has a Tamil remake of John Woo’s Manhunt. Even though Chandran has worked in Telugu films, his father is a cinema owner. So he has good knowledge of the Tamil industry. In his childhood days, Chandran had a very close relationship with Madurai Kamaraj. He is named after him. He also met many other famous



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